Why Join Us

At EPP, we take pride in producing Egyptian-made products by hiring Egyptian talent. Our company has a diverse mix of employees in various levels, working together to ensure we create quality products that generate value for both our consumers and stakeholders. EPP is committed to recruiting, hiring, and training highly qualified individuals, from fresh graduates to experienced professionals. We also strive to achieve the highest organizational and individual performance through the implementation of the latest business trends and technologies. We believe that people are the key to our long-term success and that talent is in everyone.

How to Apply

To apply to EPP, please send an email to careers@epp-eg.com stating the job title in the email subject, and attach your CV along with other relevant documents is preferable.



Role Description

This is a full-time on-site role located in Port Said for the position of Assistant Inspection & QC section head. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring timely, accurate, and reliable product quality testing, which will involve planning, implementing, and maintaining inspection and quality control procedures.


  • Supervise and execute inspection activities for the process equipment, piping & tanks based on the strategies and schedules to minimize unforeseen asset failures.
  • Lead Investigations, technical studies, and asset Integrity related issues: inspection, analysis, assessment, technical evaluation, and repair of static Equipment.
  • Provide technical support to operating facilities, maintenance, projects, technology deployment, and talent development of new mechanical inspectors.
  • Experience in Plant Turnarounds/Shutdowns for Static & Rotating equipment in PDH, PP, gas processing, refinery & NGLF industry, field troubleshooting and inspection.
  • Supervise QC/inspection activities for company projects, welding, MOCs, Hot tapping, and repairs.
  • Perform technical Bid evaluations for new tenders, offers/ proposals for new equipment.
  • Lead Corrosion inspection/ corrosion monitoring program, corrosion control, coatings inspection, Refractory inspection, Material Inspection, Materials selection & Quality control.
  • Reviews and advises periodic inspection schedules for various equipment.
  • Execute asset inspection strategies using different NDT methodologies.
  • Review welding procedures, materials, inspect weld joints, review Contractor’s method statements, QC procedures, ITP and Quality Plan and assist in establishing acceptable working practices.
  • Inspect new incoming materials.
  • Set KPIs and monitor deployment and performance of mechanical inspection programs at plant facilities.


  • Minimum of 10 years' work experience in process plants or chemical industry (Petrochemical or refinery).
  • Familiar in ASME, API and industry-related codes.
  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or metallurgy engineering.
  • Certified on API 510 & API 570 or API 653.
  • Certified on CWI and or CSWIP will be advantage.
  • NDE methods (MT, PT, UT, RT).
  • Good knowledge of corrosion and welding.

Role Description

This is a full-time on-site role in Cairo, Egypt. The Accounting Manager will be responsible for managing all aspects of the accounting department, including financial statements, journal entries, fixed assets, and analytics. The Accounting Manager will be responsible for managing a team and will report to the CFO.


  • Managing a group of professional accountants to ensure adherence to established standards and procedures.
  • Manage Audit process with internal and external auditors.
  • Manage the finance entries on ERP system and guarantee accuracy.
  • Create and maintain accounting charts.
  • Responsible for issuing P&L reports.
  • Issue all required monthly reports with relevant analysis.
  • Supervise the day-to-day operations of accounting department to ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and comply with established policies, processes and procedures.
  • Manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, collections, cash flow, contracts reconciliations, tax related matters, internal financial controls, inter-company transactions, financial and management reporting by using the Oracle accounting system to adhere the EPP reporting deadline and safeguarding of the company assets.
  • Review all customer reconciliations.
  • Ensure the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of all financial transactions, financial information, financial statements and management reports by the effectiveness of month closing to have the confidence over the presented data.
  • Ensure all sales invoices are issued correctly and in line with approved prices.
  • Ensure proper allocation to accounts.
  • Responsible for monthly closing.
  • Make complex and non-routine decisions by following up the new articles of IFRS and Egyptian Accounting Standards in order to provide appropriate accounting treatment for various transactions.
  • Co-ordinate the annual year-end and interim audit by preparing/reviewing working papers and financial statements for the Company to enable obtaining the clear audit report in accordance with EPP deadline.
  • Participate in financial planning and forecasts by approves expenditures, manages expense control, prepares financial reports/statements contributes to budget development, inputs/compiles/analyses/maintains financial information in order to have a realistic budget based on the most updated historical data.
  • Continuously liaise with Budgeting & planning manager and treasury manager on all work-related matters.
  • Ensure activities completed are fully compliant with company policies, procedures and legal requirements, particularly safety and ensuring safe systems of work.
  • Ensure all payments to vendors are made in timely manner and in line with PO/ contractual terms.


  • Bachelor's degree in accounting or finance, with a CPA or CMA certification preferred.
  • Strong Knowledge of IFRS and Egyptian Accounting Standards.
  • Strong financial analysis skills.
  • Ability to compile full set of financial statements including cash flow statement.
  • Experience with ERP systems (oracle is preferred).
  • Strong Microsoft excel skills.
  • Strong understanding of Egyptian tax laws and local legislations.
  • Strong knowledge on Audit procedures.


  • Average 10 to 15 years of experience.
  • From 3 to 4 years of external audit is a plus.
  • Experience in large manufacturing company is required.
  • Experience with managing a group of subordinates (including deliverables, development, performance reviews etc)

Key responsibilities

  • Develop, modify and tune custom modules on Oracle Business suite.
  • Develop PL/SQL program units, SQL scripts, Interfaces, Reports and forms using standard tools including Toad, Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms, JDeveloper and XML Publisher.
  • Design and implement the required EBS forms and OAF pages’ personalization and customizations and Oracle workflow processes.
  • Participate in designing the integration solutions between EBS and other systems.
  • Create DB scripts using standard APIs required for data uploading and modules’ integration.
  • Optimize performance of PL/SQL blocks and SQL queries.
  • Troubleshooting and tuning of running web services.
  • Testing phase and fixing any defects and performance problems and conduct complete technical reviews, support code migration, and provide technical artifacts.
  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code of all DB objects used in forms, reports and web services.
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to mitigate and address these issues.
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and optimization.
  • Open SRs with the product owner as required.
  • Writing technical documentation as necessary.


  • Bachelor degree of Computer Engineering or Computer science.
  • Bachelor degree of Computer Engineering or Computer science.

Reporting to

Application Lead


Cairo, Egypt.

Employment Type


نبحث عن محامي لشركتنا للتعامل مع جميع المعاملات القانونية للشركة. سيكون الهدف الرئيسي هو ضمان أن جميع معاملتنا تتوافق مع القوانين واللوائح المصرية ، مع مساعدة على تجنب االمخاطر والانتهاكات القانونية المحتملة. يتبع اداريا : السيد \ مدير عام الشئون القانونية

المهام الوظيفية :

  • المساعدة في تقديم المشورة القانونية الدقيقة بشأن المسائل الاكثر تعقيدا للمديرين والموظفين لضمان أن القرارات المتخذة صحيحة من الناحية القانونية
  • اعداد المذكرات حول القضايا
  • المساعدة في صياغة الوثائق القانونية في مختلف الموضوعات ، والتأكد من أنها سليمة من الناحية القانونية لضمان حماية مصالح الشركة
  • تحليل القضايا والمشاكل لتحديد الآثار القانونية
  • صياغة ومراجعة وتعديل العقود القانونية التي صاغتها الشركة أو ارسلت إليها
  • تقديم التمثيل القانوني في جلسات المحاكم و النيابات و الاقسام و الجهات الحكومية المصرية
  • إعداد الوثائق القانونية المناسبة للمحاكمة أو إجراءات المحكمة
  • التأكد من توافق العقود مع جميع القوانين المصرية لحماية مصلحة الشركة


  • حاصل على ليسانس الحقوق
  • خبرة لا تقل عن خمس سنوات
  • درجة القيد ابتدائي او استئناف
  • السن لا يزيد عن ثلاثين عام

Rewards and Benefits

EPP recognizes and rewards meaningful employee contributions by creating organizational alignment, driving performance, ensuring pay equity, and enhancing the lives of our people. We put people first, and our benefit plans and programs directly support this core value by enhancing their lives. We deliver locally competitive life insurance, full medical coverage, vacation and more. We are committed to providing these comprehensive benefits and the investment we make in helping our employees achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Our incentive programs reflect how we value our employees and recognize their short-term and long-term contributions to the growth and success of EPP. We want to share the success of the company with them. EPP rewards its employees with a competitive salary relative to the Egyptian market.